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Bishop Arthur J. M​oore Preaches

Recordings of Bishop Arthur J. Moore preaching at St. Mark Methodist Church in Atlanta 

from February through June 1963 have been digitally archived at the Moore Methodist Museum

and are available for your listening pleasure.

A God's Command to His People

An Authentic Voice to a Bewildered Country

Is the Christian Gospel Adequate for These Times

Bishop William R. Cannon Preaches​

United Methodist Congress on Evangelism 1982

Bishop B. Michael Watson Preaches

at Dunwoody UMC in Dunwoody, GA

March 2009

John 12:20-33

Bishop Watson

Bishop James King Preaches

at the Convocation for

Pastors of African-American Churches

Dallas, Texas

January 2001

Preaching Authority

Rev. Dave Hanson ​Preaches

Wesley "Hansonized" Sermons

Click here for sermons


Methodist Mad Libs

We love Mad Libs and wrote a Methodist Mad Libs version for our Summer Campers.  Click on the links below for some of our favorites! 

Charles Wesley and the Missing Tea Kettle

The Circuit Rider

The Legend of the Statue

John Wesley Coded Messages

Did you know that John Wesley wrote his journal in code? His code was so good that it wasn't solved until 1969. We wrote some John Wesley quotes using a code called PigPen. Click the link below to get the worksheet for our John Wesley code.

John Wesley Quote Code

Youtube video thumbnail

Clay Ride: A Gallop Through Methodist History

If you're looking for a youth activity, print out the lyrics to Clay Ride and have the kids write their own version. 

Well back when our country was very young John Wesley said, “There’s a job to be done.”

Young Francis Asbury said, “Send me,” so they put him on a boat and sailed across the sea.

He didn’t know the tea party was a brewin’ and the American Revolution was stewin’​

And by the time that the war was won, why a brand new church was just begun

Right here in the U. S. of A.

Freeborn Garrettson rode for weeks all over the countryside

callin’ all the preachers to Baltimore for a Christmas Conference.

Asbury became a bishop, a new denomination was formed,

and they called it the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Well there were three different groups in those early days,

and they were going their own separate ways.

Started their own publishing houses you see, to get the word out more effectively.

There were Methodists, Episcopals, United Brethren too,

and the Evangelical Association who would all get together on down the line

“Guten Tag”

“How d’ya do”

“Auf Wiedersehen”

They just didn’t know it right at the time

The country was growing from shore to shore

And so were the Methodists who once more

They were traveling and preaching to the countryside

And all the ministers went on a circuit ride!

“Whew, that was tough!”

The rain, the sleet, the snow…

On horseback you see, and when the weather was real bad

people used to say it was only fit for crows and Methodist preachers.

And the spirit was movin’ in those early days

Y’know, camp meetings all over the place, and churches started popping up everywhere.

But the country growing like it did, there were problems too that couldn’t be hid

Just look at the Indians in the situation, the government sent them to a reservation.

Yeah, some Methodists didn’t like that at all, uh-uh.

They marched right along with them on the trail of tears out west.

Now the nation wasn’t even a century old, when someone yelled, “California gold!”

Come and get it!

Half the country went out west, including some of those Methodists

Of course there were some other folks already out there; wonder what they thought?

“¿Que reveló es este?”

Now the government was a democracy

And the lay people said, “That’s the way it should be!”

In the church everybody should have a say, but everybody didn’t always see it that way.

Then somebody else said the land of the free has got to do something about slavery

No sooner had they opened their mouth, than a war broke out between the north and the south.

And there were Methodists on both sides.

When it was all over folks began to see, all of God’s children got to be free

That wasn’t the end of it, hm-mmm, even today the struggle goes on

Now the nation was growing by leaps and bounds,

and everywhere Methodists could be found.

They started missions and hospitals and colleges too,

they went to India and China and Timbuktu!

Now the age of machine soon was here, and there were cities and factories far and near,

And the Methodists saw there were workers in need, so they adopted themselves a social creed.

(an end to child labor… the right of workers to organize… one day of rest…)

And the women kept on and made some more dents,

and finally got seated at General Conference

And they worked real hard to get the right to vote

and put up the first sail on the temperance boat

Well we been through lots in 200 years, there’s been war and gore and lots of tears

And some of the folks who split back then decided to get together again

Now we have our fussin’ and fightin’ and fits

But we’re still called… United Methodists

Now ain’t that something? 

SGA Bishops 1867-1886

1867 Geo. F. Pierce

1868 Geo. F. Pierce

1869 H. H. Kavannah


1871 W. M. Wightman

1872 Enoch M. Marvin

1873 Robert Paine

1874 Geo. F. Pierce

1875 David S. Doggett

1876 Geo. F. Pierce

1877 Geo. F. Pierce

1878 Holland N. McTyeire

1879 David S. Doggett

1880 Geo. F. Pierce

1881 Geo. F. Pierce

1882 H. H. Kavannah

1883 J. C. Keener

1884 J. C. Granberry

1885 A. W. Wilson

1886 E. R. Hendrix

SGA Bishop 1887-1906

1887 Hollan N. McTyeire

1888 W. W. Duncan

1889 Robert K. Hargrove

1890 Atticus G. Haygood

1891 J. C. Keener

1892 O. P. Fitzgerald

1893 Chas. B. Galloway

1894 Alphaeus W. Wilson

1895 J. C. Granberry

1896 W. W. Duncan

1897 Joseph S. Key

1898 Robert K. Hargrove

1899 A. W. Wlson

1900 E. R. Hendrix

1901 Chas. B. Galloway

1902 W. A. Candler

1903 Joseph S. Key

1904 W. W. Duncan

1905 W. W. Duncan

1906 Seth Ward

SGA Bishops 1907 - 1926

1907 Jas. Atkins

1908 Chas. B. Galloway

1909 Alphaeus W. Wilson

1910 H. C. Morrison

1911 H. C. Morrison

1912 A. W. Wilson

1913 W. A. Candler

1914 W. A. Candler

1915 John C. Kilgo

1916 W. A. Candler

1917 W. A. Candler

1918 W. A. Candler

1919 W. A. Candler

1920 W. A. Candler

1921 W. A. Candler

1922 William N. Ainsworth

1923 William N. Ainsworth

1924 William N. Ainsworth

1925 William N. Ainsworth

1926 W. B. Beauchamp

SGA Bishops 1927-1946

1927 W. B. Beauchamp

1928 W. B. Beauchamp

1929 W. B. Bauchamp

1930 John M. Moore

1931 John M. Moore

1932 John M. Moore

1933 John M. Moore

1934 William N. Ainsworth

1935 William N. Ainsworth

1936 William N. Ainsworth

1937 William N. Ainsworth

1938 J. L. Decell

1939 J. L. Decell

1940 Arthur J. Moore

1941 Arthur J. Moore

1942 Arthur J. Moore

1943 Arthur J. Moore

1944 Arthur J. Moore

1945 Arthur J. Moore

1946 Arthur J. More

SGA Bishops 1947-1966

1947 Arthur J. Moore

1948 Arthur J. Moore

1949 Arthur J. Moore

1950 Arthur J. Moore

1951 Arthur J. Moore

1952 Arthur J. Moore

1953 Arthur J. Moore

1954 Arthur J. Moore

1955 Arthur J. Moore

1956 Arthur J. Moore

1957 Arthur J. Moore

1958 Arthur J. Moore

1959 Arthur J. Moore

1960 Arthur J. Moore

1961 John Owen Smith

1962 John Owen Smith

1963 John Owen Smith

1964 John Owen Smith

1965 John Owen Smith

1966 John Owen Smith

SGA Bishops 1967-1986

1967 John Owen Smith

1968 John Owen Smith

1969 John Owen Smith

1970 John Owen Smith

1971 John Owen Smith

1972 John Owen Smith

1973 William R. Cannon

1974 William R. Cannon

1975 William R. Cannon

1976 William R. Cannon

1977 William R. Cannon

1978 William R. Cannon

1979 William R. Cannon

1980 William R. Cannon

1981 Joel D. McDavid

1982 Joel D. McDavid

1983 Joel D. McDavid

1984 Earnest A. Fitzgerald

1985 Earnest A. Fitzgerald

1986 Earnest A. Fitzgerald

SGA Bishops 1987-2006

1987 Earnest A. Fitzgerald

1988 Richard C. Looney

1989 Richard C. Looney

1990 Richard C. Looney

1991 Richard C. Looney

1992 Richard C. Looney

1993 Richard C. Looney

1994 Richard C. Looney

1995 Richard C. Looney

1996 Richard C. Looney

1997 Richard C. Looney

1998 Richard C. Looney

1999 Richard C. Looney

2000 B. Michael Watson

2001 B. Michael Watson

2002 B. Michael Watson

2003 B. Michael Watson

2004 B. Michael Watson

2005 B. Michael Watson

2006 B. Michael Watson

SGA Bishops 2007-2022

2007 B. Michael Watson

2008 James R. King Jr.

2009 James R. King Jr.

2010 James R. King Jr.

2011 James R. King Jr.

2012 James R. King Jr.

2013 James R. King Jr.

2014 James R. King Jr.

2015 James R. King Jr.

2016 R. Lawson Bryan

2017 R. Lawson Bryan

2018 R. Lawson Bryan

2019 R. Lawson Bryan

2020 R. Lawson Bryan

2021 R. Lawson Bryan

2022 David Graves

2023 David Graves

Did you miss the historic preservation workshop?

That's okay! We have links below for the presentations we gave. You can also contact us if you have questions about archiving or collecting history.


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